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Starburst 01:07 PM 03-23-2013
Lol It was late at night, right before I went to bed. I just noticed some minor grammatical errors too (red color is corrected or added):

1. All family child care homes in the state of ________ have a restricted capacity of children at any given time, so openings are limited. All families at ***** daycare will have contract hours, this will assure that your child's has a reserved spot during certain times for certain days . Contract hour tution rates consist of no more than 10 hours per day of care (unless otherwise agreed upon between provider and parents). Families must give me their work or school schedules so that I calculated the hours of work/school along with average estimated commute time to determine the hours needed for each family. Additional care after 10 hours per day is subject to an additional fee. In the event that you do need care during non-contract hours or days please call me first to make sure that I have an open spot, do not just assume your child will be accepted on non-contract days. Care on noncontract days are also subject to an additional fee as well. Remember that available time slots are limited and that it is hard to fill spots on short notice, in the even that your child is absent for a day full payment is still required. If you are planning to be absent for a week, please give me two weeks notice, payment will not be required if I get proper notice. If you plan to be absent for 2 weeks, 1/2 of the tuition rate is still due to keep your child's spot reserved. After 3 or more weeks of absence your full tuition rate is required to keep your child's spot reserved. If a paid holiday occurs on the day of your child regular attendance, regular payment is still required. In the event that I do offer after hours care (such as a date night special or a weekend special) you are require to pay the additional fees before the additional care will be given.

2. In the event that you are more than 5 minutes late picking up your child, without notice, from my care a late fee will be given. In addition, in the event that you drop your child arrives more than 5 minutes early before your contract hours an early fee will be given. The late fee will be [$1 per minute/ $5 every 15 minutes] starting 5 minutes after contract hours. In the event that you know ahead of time you will need care for slightly longer than usual (that does not occur too frequently) please let me know and I may be able to give a lower flat rate for the additional time. Being late or too early from picking your child up on noncontract days or during after hour/weekend specials are also subject to late fees.
Unless other wise arranged by the provider and the parents, payments are due every week (a week in advanced of care recieved) due on your child's last day of care for the week but no later than closing time every Friday. A late fee will be applied to late payments $5 for each day late (including weekends). If payment, including late fees, is not payed by the following money a "no pay, no play" clause will go into effect, meaning that your child will not be allowed back untill full payment and late fees are paid.

3. In the event that you know you will be running late, please let me know. If you will be running late 15 minutes or less, with a verbal notice (on the phone) before your pick up time, no late fee will be applied. After 15 minutes with a verbal notice, the regular late fees will begin to apply. If you give me warning you will be more than 15 but less than 30 minutes late a discounted late fee will be applied until that estimated time. After that time regular late fees will resume. If I feel a particular family is taking advantage of this I will exercise my authority to discontinue this service to that particular family for a to be determined probation period. If a family is frequently late a re-evaluation of contract Hours and tution rates may be needed.

4. Being late 5 minutes or more for pick up without a verbal notice is subject to late fees. Bringing your child earlier than 5 minutes without notice is subject to early fees. One way to avoid late fees is to call ahead a time if you know you will be late for pick up or need to drop off a bit earlier. If an earlier or later arrival or departure time is requested and accepted by the provider at least 24 hours advanced that is more than 15 minutes over contract hours a lower flat rate may be applied than the regular late/early fee.