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Blackcat31 07:18 AM 12-01-2015
Originally Posted by amebree:
I currently us Star-Brite and LOVE it, BUT it is going to be download and printable only in January. I'm not liking that idea! Any ideas for a great curriculum that does not require the teacher to do most of the work. That's been my issue with other ones in the past like Funshine. TIA!!!
I have used a printable curriculum, Carol's Affordable Curriculum, Funshine and Mother Goose Time and in my experience all of them required the teacher to do most the work as well as having cookie cutter crafts that have a specific outcome....none of which I like so I just use good old Google and make my own curriculum.

My program is play based so any intended learning is done via hands-on experiences....for ex: the kids are making lunch themselves today..with my supervision of course... and they will learn math (measuring), motor skills (stirring, mixing, etc) and following directions.

There is also a search function on the forum board (above in the blue bar) that you can search for pretty much any topic (not just curriculum related ) you would like.

Here is what the search for "curriculum" brings up: