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Leigh 09:32 PM 07-10-2017
Originally Posted by CityGarden:
I only accept children 2-5 years old and have a potential dcm who came for a tour over a month ago, no word until today and is inquiring on how to secure a spot for her son when he turns 2 in November......

Since all my spots are PT I will likely have a spot open at that time when he turns 2 but at the same time what IF I fill up before then?

What is your approach on holding spots that long until a child is of age to enter your program? I require first month / last month and a registration fee to enroll. Typically first month and registration fee to hold the spot. WWYD?

Also we go on Thanksgiving Break for 1 week in November and winter break for 2 weeks in December / January (all paid) that seems like a hard time to start a new 2 year old.... thoughts?
I don't charge to "hold" a spot if I have multiple spots available. However, if I were down to one spot left, I'd start charging full price to hold that spot for a child. I only charge full rate if I am ACTUALLY holding the spot for that child. If a parent wants to take their chances on a spot being open when they're ready, that's on them. I always offer it at full price before I advertise it to others.