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Originally Posted by KAWISTA9 View Post
what a butt!!! Stupid heffa! That makes me sad...she initially told you that she wasn't coming and decided at the last minute without telling you that she was going to bring them??? Oh no, sweetheart. You better take them shopping! I am not Walmart...I am not sitting her waiting for you to spend your money. This is MY HOME AND DESERVES RESPECT; whether you are paying for it or not!!! That makes me sad and mad...
It does stink.... Buuuutttt... I charge a flat tuition not based on attendance so TECHNICALLY she is entitled to come anytime she wants (up until arrival drop-off time). It IS a normal work day for me, after-all.

I think she is being passive aggressive because her e-bill/direct payment went through as usual last night (to go into my account friday) because she did not turn in her 30 day "unpaid vacation" notice (less than 3 days notice was given verbally).

Oh well. Little one had fun making Christmas ornaments from Plaster of Paris and molds (Grandparent gifts) with my kids. I just wish I was allowed to transport so we could have gone out to lunch... I had NOTHING prepared.
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