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Originally Posted by Daycaregranny View Post
This thread was a great read. I guess what I don't understand is how an obviously educated parent reads a contract, agrees to what's in the contract and then after the fact complains it's not fair? What's not fair? They stated this is how we do things and you agree by signing the contract. The end. If after reading the contract you felt their policies were not "fair" than that was the time to try to argue for some sort of policy change or to not agree and bring your child somewhere else. I guess the only part I find that is unfair is someone who agrees to my policies (by signing on the dotted line) then cries about what they have agreed to. There is a difference between what you don't like and what's fair. When I wake up at the crack of dawn and no one shows up till an hour and a half later, do I like it? NO. Is it fair? Yes. I agreed to be here. I guess the bottom line is if you knew going in that this was their policy then yes, it's fair. You might not like it, but it's fair. If they hid this from you and you never agreed to this than it's not.
Most people understand "no",.especially lawyers, but some just don't like being told "no". And if they can't get that "no" turned into a yes, they complain loudly and I'll bet that complaint contains the phrase "I'm a lawyer".
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