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Originally Posted by Meeko View Post
I know some will try and tell you to get the interview first and then tell them the rates.

I personally do not like this move. Why get them all excited about your program, only to find they simply can't afford it? It's a waste of everybody's time.

I have said before.....I would never be interested in buying a car from a dealer who insisted on telling all about the great features of a car, want me to take a test drive etc....and refuse to tell me the price until I had done those things.

There is a furniture place here in Utah who offer "membership" into their purchasing club and fantastic bargains on furniture. They do seem to have great prices on things. HOWEVER......they will NOT tell you over the phone (I've tried) what their membership fee is. They skirt the issue and try and get you go to a presentation etc etc. I will NEVER be interested in a company who does business that way no matter what they can offer me. I want upfront pricing.

Parents are often in a crunch to find daycare. They have to see numerous programs in a fairly short period of time. They don't need games. It doesn't matter of the program is fantastic if it just WON'T fit in their budget.

So yes...I show my rates everywhere. That way I know at interview they are REALLY interested and CAN afford it.

Meeko - This is how I felt about it too. And some of the other posters had great input. My rates are what they are. I don't plan on changing them based on what someone else charges near me - I can do my own homework to see whether or not my prices discourage interested parents and go from there.I have my first interview for a family on Saturday! I really appreciate everyone's responses. Thanks!
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