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Default reopening with carpet

I closed down at the end of March. I only have one essential client that could come. The others are non-essential and not working. The essential was keeping her kids home with her older daughters at first. Then she switched them to a friend that has kids. She tells me I can take as long as I need to open up so I have not opened due to fear. I have some health problems that if I catch it may be problematic. with everyone slowly going back to work I really need to open up.

Anyway the real question here is how do I Ensure everyone's safety when my home is fully carpeted? I can't scrub my rubs every single day so I'm looking for suggestions. Is anyone else in this same position? I'm also at a loss for surface protection because I cannot find Lysol or Lysol like disinfectant anywhere! I still have some Lysol wipes but I'm using them sparingly to last. I want the Lysol spray to spray the bottom of the children shoes. For now I plan on having them take your shoes off and put them on the porch outside until it's time to leave. I have one child that will have a meltdown when he has to take his shoes off and leave them off. He wants them on at all times he's five
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