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I am glad I got out too. We put her in due to a friend who recommended them and my 1 child was very seriously wanting to dance professionally and we were told 'this is what it takes' but then a whole lot of changes to tuition and scheduling got exhausting and dd still wants to dance professionally and has some potential, however, I got to noticing she wanted to also pursue other things like sleepovers here and there and from Aug thru March she never had a weekend off it seemed. And the other places seem to have a lighter schedule (and lighter tuition!!!!) and she gets exact type of training and more 1:1 without extra fees! I guess I just thought we were propelling her to lice a dream but getting drained from $$$$, time and not getting equal opportunities to pursue available schomarships with all the favortism. My dd began dance a lil late in life and so we thought this rigorus schedule was supposed to allow her to catch up. She did and surpassed others but it was just toooo much. I figured it was all about the $$$
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