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Originally Posted by melilley View Post
Interesting, Jr Preschool? I would not get a gift for the child who is leaving early, especially because you know why they are leaving before Christmas.
Ha! Yeah "Jr preschool"... Pretty lame if you ask me. He's sooooo not ready. Every day I bite my tongue when I see his behavior wondering how on earth someone could think that's a good idea. Basically it's daycare with an educational theme. He'll go from 7:15am to 4:30pm. He is a super picky eater, horrible sharer, throws temper tantrums all the time over silly things, hits, spits, spits his food out, spits his milk out, is sick more often than not... It just makes me feel bad for him. He's been here since he was 8mos old after she took him out of his previous provider because she was closing for 2wks and went from a small to a large daycare and he wasn't getting as much attention to sleep. Her daughter was in a home daycare from 3 mos to 3yrs and now she's pulling her son before he's even 2?? Ugh!! I must have really made her mad or something.
But thanks for agreeing, I feel bad in my heart though. I hate that this is even happening, breaks my heart!
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