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Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
This is actually something I've been thinking about... I have a family who's been here over a year but pulling their 23 month old to attend Jr Preschool. They've scheduled their last day to be the 20th, even though I'm open the 23rd which I know is to avoid paying for my time off on the 25th. I would normally buy gifts for the DCKs but I almost feel like since they're leaving before Christmas that they shouldn't get a gift! They've really left me in a bind considering our prior communications always were him leaving to go to preschool at 2.5-3.5, not before he's even 2! They gave me lots of notice, but it was still a huge shock. I haven't been able to fill his spot either.

For the one DCB I do have here I was going to buy something small, like PJs or a book or a little Duplo Lego set to go with the one I bought for his bday.
I have TWO families leaving right before Thanksgiving for the same reasons, "since I'm closed Thurs&Fri anyway". I guess the good thing about having so few kids for xmas is I don't have to do much. I will probably just make a craft with them to give their parents (they are all under 2) and that's it. So not in the spirit this year.
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