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Default Need Help On Editing Policies

Hi Everyone, I need some major help on editing my policy page that I have parent sign. I have attached what I have now. I have that I'm open 7:30 to 5:15, but I do have 2 people that their schedule changed and they are now coming at like 5:16/5:17. I'm wondering if I should change that part to 5:20 and anything past that is late. I also want to re-word the part that states that the rates are for holding the spot, not for attendance. I do charge for holidays if they fall on their normally scheduled day, but some just don't get that or don't want to. Am I wording it clearly enough? Should I make them bullet points instead of putting it all in a paragraph? Wondering if it gets lost that way. Another big thing is late fee for paying late. I have 1 family in particular that oh geez forgets her checkbook quite often. They all pay biweekly. How can I word that so it looks strong and how much would I charge? Thank you all so much!
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