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ds: "mom look what I can do!"
me: "sorry hun, mommy's busy right now I'll look in a minute"
ds: "look with your eyes on the back of your head then"

Background, not sure if it was everyones mom who used to say it, but "mom's see everything, we have eyes on the back of our heads" was something I was always told. I remember checking my moms head for the invisible eyes...

Normally the only time my eyes are not on the kids is when I am doing dishes and they are eating lunch. My microwave is in a cubby above my sink, and the window is directly behind me (beside kitchen table).

SO I can see the entire kitchen in my peripheral and through the reflection on the microwave which basically acts like a mirror. Kids don't know this, so they start acting goofy, and I always tell them "stop making that face" or whatever they are doing, and they are STUNNED because they were watching to see if I was looking and clearly I was doing dishes with my back to them. So I tell them I have eyes on the back of my head.
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