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Default Happy Meals, if only

Well it was not today, it was last night. My family eats a weird diet on a daily basis. Well of course my 3 yr old son sees at Mc Donalds commerical and says wow mom I want one of those happy meals. So I called my hubby to ask if it was ok. I might be a health freak, but it's america and I don't think it would hurt once or twice a year.

So off we go in the car to Mc Donalds. I pull up to the drive around and we are at a menu sign. I honestly have not been to a Mc Donalds since my college days, so I was not sure what they had.

So as I am reading the menu sign to my 3 year old, I ask him do you want a hamburger or chicken strips... His reply:
I would like to have steak and shrimp with corn. So I have to tell him they don't have that here. He gets really upset and is whinning..... I talk him into french fries, which I am not too sure he has ever had before from a restaurant/ quick food.

So we end up with a milkshake and a small order of fries. He takes two bites of fries and says mommy I want to take them back.....

so we went home and ate dinner there.
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