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Originally Posted by GretasLittleFriends View Post
I have a set of twins (not identical) here tonight. They are drop-ins and usually have a different daycare provider.

They recently celebrated their 6th birthday. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: How was your birthday?
Them: Good
Me: How do you like being 6?
Them: Both answer kind of an mumble, shrug it off type answer.
My DD15: When was their birthday?
Me: July **
DD: They have the same birthday?
Me: They're twins (with a look of you didn't just say that did you????)

She cracks me up sometimes... Scary thing is she was serious.
This soooo reminds me of my daughter but she was about 12 or 13. We have some friends that have a daughter the same age as ours and they always were in sports together. Our friends are as white as white can be and they adopted their daughter as an infant and she is as asian as asian can be. Anyway my daughter looked a me one day when we were eating and said "Did you know ****** was adopted?" After I about choaked I camly said "Really, why would you say that?" I had tears running down my face from trying not to laugh. My daughter had just then noticed the difference in her and her parents. What I did get out of all this is that we were doing a great job raising our children not to see the differences in people. To them everyone looked the same and the world was one big happy place.
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