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I was really cranky today and the boys were driving me totally bonkers. I looked at the boys and said, "Why, why can't you two just be calm, quiet, and behave for 5 minutes?" The 3 yo looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Because we're boys and that's just what boys do."

This was after the 4 yo spilled over a bowl of blueberries this morning, sending them all over the kitchen floor and I stepped on 4 of them while trying to clean them up.

This afternoon, they were playing in the sand tables, then started playing in the dirt to find "meteors" (rocks). They were both pretty grubby and I said that I needed to take the hose to them and wash them off. The both ran off behind me. I was talking to Daddy #2 when I heard the water. The 4 yo grabbed the hose and the 3 yo turned the faucet on so the 4 yo could give himself a shower outside. All I could do was shake my head and turn off the water.
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