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Originally Posted by GretasLittleFriends View Post
Yesterday my DS (who will be 7 tomorrow) ran inside while we were outside playing. He grabbed a piece of computer paper and a yellow marker. He wrote a recipe and insisted we make it last night.

Aggs, flour, buter, humey, bnanus, penut buter. It is apparently a cake recipe. I told him we couldn't make it last night because we don't have the right measurements. He said yes we do. It's 2 eggs, 2TBSP four, and proceeded to make up measurements. I thought it was great!

Little does he know that when he left for school this morning I googled the following : Egg, flour, honey, bananas, peanut butter and came up with a peanut butter banana bread recipe. (I don't have any peanut allergies). We are going to make this tonight and that will be our afternoon snack (treat) for his birthday tomorrow.
OH, that is too sweet! And how awesome that you were able to find a recipe that uses his ingredients (and for something resembling a cake, too!). Since he wanted it to be a cake, you could "frost" the "cake" with a simple glaze. Or make a simple cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, powdered sugar, a little milk).
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