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Originally Posted by GretasLittleFriends View Post
Yesterday my DS (who will be 7 tomorrow) ran inside while we were outside playing. He grabbed a piece of computer paper and a yellow marker. He wrote a recipe and insisted we make it last night.

Aggs, flour, buter, humey, bnanus, penut buter. It is apparently a cake recipe. I told him we couldn't make it last night because we don't have the right measurements. He said yes we do. It's 2 eggs, 2TBSP four, and proceeded to make up measurements. I thought it was great!

Little does he know that when he left for school this morning I googled the following : Egg, flour, honey, bananas, peanut butter and came up with a peanut butter banana bread recipe. (I don't have any peanut allergies). We are going to make this tonight and that will be our afternoon snack (treat) for his birthday tomorrow.
I LOVE IT! What a great idea to google that recipe he gave you and make it for afternoon snack.
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