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Originally Posted by laundrymom View Post
Ok I literally have tears running down my face.

Back story, last week I had the infants sleeping in my bedrooms like normal and within regs. Fedex came. He had to bring in three very heavy boxes. So,.Because bedrooms were taken... I put my dog in the bathroom and shut the door so I could just prop open screendoor. Fedex leaves, 5 min later a 4 yr old is dropped off after swim lessons. Goes potty and finds dog in bathroom. He comes out and says MISS ***XX dog is in the bathroom WHY???? I said, he was using it. Smiling. Then the phone rang,... I answered - He went and did his business. I forgot about it. Today I get a phone call from grandma in Utah,.... Wanting to know how exactly I taught my dog to use the toilet!!! And would I help her train hers.

It took me a minute but rofl! Lol. I had to explain it to her. We had a great laugh. Lol
That's great, too funny.

True story, one of my mom's cats did actually toilet train herself back in the spring--no joke, she really did! All on her own too, there was absolutely no human involvement in this toilet training process. One day my sister walked in on her peeing in the toilet, and found her doing it several times over the next few weeks. She finally got a picture. :P
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