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Originally Posted by laundrymom View Post
Ok I literally have tears running down my face.

Back story, last week I had the infants sleeping in my bedrooms like normal and within regs. Fedex came. He had to bring in three very heavy boxes. So,.Because bedrooms were taken... I put my dog in the bathroom and shut the door so I could just prop open screendoor. Fedex leaves, 5 min later a 4 yr old is dropped off after swim lessons. Goes potty and finds dog in bathroom. He comes out and says MISS ***XX dog is in the bathroom WHY???? I said, he was using it. Smiling. Then the phone rang,... I answered - He went and did his business. I forgot about it. Today I get a phone call from grandma in Utah,.... Wanting to know how exactly I taught my dog to use the toilet!!! And would I help her train hers.

It took me a minute but rofl! Lol. I had to explain it to her. We had a great laugh. Lol
OH that is so funny.
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