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So you having the education that you do understand how salary pay works right! My daycare is a flat rate on a yearly bases and you can either pay by the year, month or i break it down for you on a weekly basis, which is how most parents pay. I pay my taxes every year just like you do. And i have no employees, its just me, I work 6 days a week and sometimes 18 hours a day! I have dedicated my life to caring for and teaching other peoples children and i think that entitles me to some paid days off! Whether it be a hoilday or not. Not to mention by law i can take up to 10 paid days off a year! Oh but please understand I'm not trying to persuade you into understanding this! But this is a business and i run it as such! Understand this........what would you think if your boss called and said , well don't come in for the next week we don't have any customers to service and oh by the way were not going to pay you for that week either! Would you be ok with that?
I bet you don't give gifts or bonuses or thank you cards to the person taking care of your child either. Maybe you need education on morals. Family Child Care Providers work hard and are very underpaid so I agree that they should be paid and even get special thank yous from time to time to let them know you appreciate the care they give. If you put them in a facility you will be paying holidays and even extra fees.
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