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Default Yes you are required to report this.....

At least in Texas you are. You are supposed to go to the Director (or Assistant Director if your center has one) and have the Director take care of it. This is indeed child abuse. In Texas a parent isn't even allowed to spank their own child behind a closed door in a childcare center more or less in front of full view.
If you don't get the answers you are seeking, I suggest you go to your state licencing. Just do not give your name. Or if you do, give a false name. Speaking of personal experience, I know that they say that reports are anonymous. They are not. Every single time our center was reported, our representative told our director each time who it was that called. Of course we knew our rep for over 10 years but still.
If you are afraid, think of it this way. YOU are that child's voice. If this so called mother is like that in public, makes you wonder how she is in private. Good luck.
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