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Default After School Program

I started an in home after school program just a week ago when kids came back from winter break. We do snack & homework and then play until pick up. I feel like with my own children I'm secure in my role as leader. They follow well and occasionally step out of line at which point I redirect and reign them back in. However, with the daycare kids I feel like they are leading and I am running to catch up the entire time. Obviously error on my part, but I'm at a loss as to how to change the dynamics. I'm noticing most parents take that approach so I'm guessing it is just what they're used to. Requests have to be repeated so many times by parents at pickup. One day I actually had kids put their coats and shoes on prior to pickup and once the kid saw mom he kicked off his shoes and ran back to the play area. How do I set the stage for good behavior while still being a pleasant presence?

With my kids if I say finish your homework I just expect that it will be done. I double check obviously, but I don't stand over them. With the daycare kids even if I'm sitting next to them I have to remind them to keep working 4-5 times in a 30 min homework period. They have to potty. Or their pencil broke. Or this books not interesting so they're choosing a new one. Or they're kicking at a friend under the table. etc.

What am I doing wrong? We're only a week in. I'd like to change things for the better quickly before bad habits become the norm.
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