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I have these 12 inch wooden letters i got from some craft store and i painted them white letter M and letter O
and i have the kids take cute pics in the grass in the backyard with the letters. I take 2 of the M and one of the O and use just an app on my phone to put all the pics next to each other and the three cute pics spell out MOM. (the idea was from pinterest i think or google)
i laminate the photo and have the kids paint a .99 wooden frame from walmart craft section and stick it in their.
This last year i also had the kids stencil a flower with pink and purple paint on card stock and put a bible verse inside about the strength of the mother and the kids handprint.

i always think the presents probably mean like nothing but i actually made one for myself this last year as well because my son was in care too and i keep that pic on my bedside and the card on my bookshelf. love this
even if i do the pic every year the kid look different and the parent loves it, id find a different card though. i also do that for fathers day sometimes with the D and A letters because dads come up to me saying "hey you gave my wife one, wheres mine" lol
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