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Originally Posted by Dabill View Post
Hello, I am new here and have some questions! I am interested in starting a family daycare, but only if I can use a separate space. I was considering building an open, non-home like building, but it would be considered a commercial building requiring it to pass the same inspections as a center. That would be costly, so now I'm looking into building an actual home that is only used for daycare. I was told that as long as it's built as a home, it would be considered residential even if I don't live there. I have many questions,but first I am interested in how tax deductions would work in this scenario. Since everything there would be used only for the business, could I deduct 100% of space, utilities, etc? I am located in Minnesota. Any info helps! Thanks!
Welcome to the forum!

I am also in Minnesota.
I also provide care in a house in which I do not live.
I have operated this way since I opened (mid-90ies)
I am licensed as family care.

There are several women that operate this way in my community. One operates FAMILY child care in a commercial building and is licensed as family care (rule #2)

If you have any questions and I can be of help, don't be shy!
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