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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Exactly, but at least with drugs that have been around, you can Have some confidence that they are the drugs that they say they are. Additionally, it is every patient responsibility to ask questions, and every healthcare provider to do their best to answer them. Also, most of those medications that have been around for years and years, have been proven. There is a ton of information at every patients disposal for things like Tylenol for example. And even the most trusted medications, have had recalls and do have side effects. However, most of them are a lot less severe than this upcoming vaccine.

As far as the statement about the health care workers, that doesn't make any sense, because I know a lot of nurses, doctors, professors, a couple of researchers, and plenty of others in the healthcare field, and they are not saying the same things. I don't think that every single nurse and Doctor or , actually even in agreement on this whole thing.

The vaccine is said to have as many, if not more, and some worse, lifelong side effects than getting the virus itself. Nobody's actually planning to get the actual virus, but putting the vaccine into your body is a deliberate act. It's akin to driving in a car, where you know that there is a huge risk that you are likely to die, and chances are, it'll be at the hands of someone else, but yet you take that risk every day. You even put your family/ Friends/daycare kids at risk every time you strap them in that car and take them with you. Nobody seems to care about the other risks they take each day, but for some reason this one they either care about way more than they need to, or they don't care about it at all. Unfortunately, there is no real balance. You have no idea when it's your time to go. Does this mean that you go and lick doorknobs and expose yourself if someone you know has been exposed to covid-19 on purpose? Of course not. But if you are not sick there is no reason for you to be in so much of doing Simple day-to-day things. Especially if you are actually wearing your mask and you have your hand sanitizer. If you go through a drive-thru, the Walmart, the gas station, then it is mighty hypocritical to believe that you are not exposing yourself to this disease. A lot of the things, that the government is doing is nonsensical. It makes no sense to say that you're only going to get covid-19 when going to eat at a restaurant, but not at the nasty Walmart cashier station where you know they're not wiping it down between customers. The media is selling so much BS, I'm actually quite surprised so many people believe it.
Where exactly are you getting your information from? Who do know that took the vaccine that has "life long effects"? How is that even possible? It's a new vaccine that hasn't been around for anybody's lifetime. If you would have actually read about these vaccines you would know that they do not contain the virus in them. America is doomed because of nonsensical things people hear, read and watch that are bs.
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