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Quoted below from Nannyde:
"As a society we do not owe anyone free day care. It's a privledge to live in a country where society values helping people overcome to obstacle of child care when income is low. We don't have to do it. We are doing it to be helpful. If it gets cut off or it is harder and harder to get then it shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing. We can and should do what we CAN but it shouldn't be easy to get.

The other thing that needs to change TODAY is that parents are able to access these grants before accessing child support. NO parent should be able to apply for this assistance until they have begun the process to access child support. Daddy first... then Uncle Sam. It should be a part of every application that forms showing PROOF that child support process has been inititated and updating for every grant renewal to show the process of where the child support is standing. The child support money needs to be included n the grant money calculations.

We should also require that every applicant show proof of US citizenship before applying."
I totally agree with you. Honestly, I am getting sick of the poor me someone else should pay my way syndrome. If your gonna have kids, then you need to be able to afford them BEFORE you get yourself pregnant. If you are in a bad relationship.....don't have kids, if you are not married.......don't have kids, that is unless you can afford them on your own without gov't help.

I know someone who is approx 26 years old and she has had 2 abortions and is pregnant with her 4th kid. All paid for by the taxpayers. There are 3 different fathers involved, and she still is not married. There should be a cap on the system as to how many you can collect on. And there should be some type of repayment for all the help and $$$ she is getting, even if it is thru volunteer work, because these losers, and that is what they are, will continue to tap out the system, while the rest of us work our asses off to pay their way thru a life of bad decisions and poor choices. (One of the kids is my nephews boy who is 7, and she signed off on him, so has no financial responsibility to her son). It is so darn sad. I find it hard to call her a mother. She is nothing but a baby machine who sits back and collects gov't money.
mom to many.

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