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"I have said this many times. Why would the state pay $260 per week for childcare for 2 kids, when the parent is only grossing $300 per week (net $225)? Wouldn't it make more sense to give the parent an extra $200 a week in benefits to stay home with said children? Government would save $100 per week in benefits and the kids would get to be raised by the actual parent. Oh, wait, I forgot, we are using that "new math" that I'm too old to have been taught in school. You know where 2+2 really does equal 5?"

Sorry, I don't agree with this, I think parents who have children they can't afford should HAVE to work, regardless if they come out ahead or not. Maybe they will think twice before they continue to pop another one out. And honestly, these kids who are in care with this type of parent who gets assistance is probably getting much better care at daycare than if they were at home with own parents. It is called the entitlement syndrome.
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