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Originally Posted by BabyMonkeys View Post
I'm in central Florida and offer a program completely different than anyone around me. Infants and toddlers only, maximum of 3 children at once, eco-friendly, all organic meals + snacks, homemade baby food daily, diapers, wipes, etc. included...I'm having a hard time finding people that don't freak out that I charge $150 a week for infants and $160 a week for toddlers. Since I never come close to my legal ratio, I charge less for infant positions and more for toddlers because they are more expensive for me to care for. Where are you advertising?

It's the first opening I've had in 2 1/2 years and I'm in shock at how much the market has changed in that time!
I live in TN and work similar to you; differences, I don't provide diapers or formula & I charge by the month. My wages translate into 130 week with 4 infants/young toddlers at most (state limit) and I take 20 business days off yearly. I don't live in the major area, but a county next to... I have 5 families because I actually accept PT (under TN subsidy rules PT is 20 hrs week @ half FT pay)
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