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Originally Posted by misol View Post
My honest opinion is that I think that you should trust your instincts and stick to your contract. Remember, you added those terms to your contract for a reason. This will be the only child you have in care for the last half hour of the day. In the back of your mind it will probably bug you to no end knowing that the mom is not working while this kid is the last kid in your care. I think it would be an easier pill to swallow if you didn't have to stay open longer for this family. I would advise against it.
I agree that she should stick to her contract because she did put that in her contract for a reason. I think some people assume that those of us who had this type of contract did it because it was in some way "inconvenient for US", when the main reason I had it in mine was to entice the parent to spend as much time as possible with their child(ren). I wanted to facilitate the amount of time that the parent spent with his or her child(ren), so I did not see this as a "restriction" that I was placing on the parent. I saw it as encouraging the parent / child relationship and bonding. I am thinking that the OP put it in her contract for the same reason. But I could be wrong. But if I'm right, then she would be enabling someone to do something that she (the provider) does not support - spending more time away then is necessary. And it's not a judgment of the provider toward the parent, it's just a difference in parenting style. And I think the parent and provider should have the same (or similar) parenting styles for it to truly be a good fit and a positive experience for everyone (privder, parent, and child).
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