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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
That seems to be the pattern of my recent months. That way, they get to say Yuck again, to all the food that didn't get eaten the whole week long. Yes, my goal is to torment the lil munchkins.

But really, Fridays seem to be a mix it all up kind of a day for us.....half a cucumber, 1/4 pint of grape tomatoes, 1/2 bowl of peas, some chicken strips and noodles left from Tuesday, etc., etc., everybody gets a bit of everything here. Otherwise, everything would get tossed this weekend and to me, that's downright wasteful.
I have no one at home to eat leftovers anymore and don't feed most of that to the dogs so......
Sort of... we have pizza every Friday and the "sides" are the let over fresh veggies and fruits we didn't eat all week.

We switch up the type and kind of pizza we have each week so that it isn't just a repeat but yeah, Friday is clean out the fridge day and anything that needs to get eaten is put out as an option for snack and/or lunch.

As for left overs at home, my DH makes dinner each night and purposely makes 4 servings verses just 2 so that we have left overs for lunch the following day or the next depending. It saves time and I think helps eliminate the amount of leftovers that become doggie treats..
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