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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
Right and because they don't want their children to starve or cry they'll feed them anything they will eat.

My dcks understand if they choose not to eat their veggies, they're telling me they must done with their meal. I have 1 little dcg who is so darn picky. I've had her sit down to a meal, shove the plate away and start crying because she doesn't like anything we're having. Love her to pieces but man, she's a tough one to feed.

I love the idea of a veggie race but can see it backfiring here too. The ones who refuse veggies would cry all day if they weren't allowed to eat the cookie.
Here they could cry all they the calm down spot and away from the attention of the group. The rules were explained and they were reminded of them daily. At that point I felt like it was in their ball court. I could understand the younger ones maybe not understanding, but my younger ones are my best veggie eaters. And they are happy with veggie filled cookies
Mine handled it well. The ones that didn't get to participate just agreed they'd try harder next time so I was pretty blessed.
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