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Originally Posted by MomBoss View Post
Its like every month i find something new to write in my contract. But i only give an updated contract once a year...grr. wish i had it all right the first time.
My first couple years in business I gave parents a "notice" along with their updated/yearly copies of their contracts.

The "notice" said that since I was new to this business my policies would be continuously updated/tweaked and amended as I progressed through the process of being a business owner.

I did guarantee that all changes, tweaks and amendments would come with a two week notice of change but that ALL clients should expect a few changes, tweaks and amendments and that it's not cause for panic.

Then every time I had a change in policies I just provided a one sheet notice of the added or changed policy. Had parents sign and date the change and tucked it in my handbook. When I updated/re-wrote at the beginning of the year the added or changed policy was then written in at that time.

So NOTHING wrong with changing policies as you go... you are newer to this business so I think it's fairly common to tweak things as you and your business grows.
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