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To everyone who responded: thank you for your input. The daycare is not a big chain. I would say it's a medium-sized nonprofit. I am not looking to switch my daughter b/c I think the daycare as a whole is good and my daughter is comfortable there. There are also not too many other options that would work near me. I think the teacher is good at her job and is not rude to my child. It is her tone that bothers me mostly, although sometimes she is definitely rude to me (everyone has a bad day sometimes, I get it). I try to keep it as professional and polite as possible with her, and I usually spend about 15 or 20 minutes dropping off in the morning so my daughter can "ease in". I think maybe some of the issue is that a couple of months ago I had to ask the teacher (I think I did it in a nice way) to pretty much back off. When we first started at the daycare I was still figuring out the whole mom thing and now I need everyone's help less. The teacher likes to offer advice and opinions, but I think a lot of what she says is wrong or just not helpful. I appreciate that she cares, but I feel like I can take care of my daughter my way. So maybe she's mad that I'm not wanting her advice? I do try to get over it, but I hate leaving my daughter and then the added tension really makes it worse . . .
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