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I am pretty sure that even if child care was open 24/7/365 parents would still be complaining

I have ONE question. Just ONE.

Is it really that horrible to pay the person that provides love and care to YOUR child a day's pay, a week's pay or even a months pay while they take a MUCH needed break?!

I mean the provider cares for the ONE thing that should be THE most important person in your life so why is paying them for the small amount of time off they take that big of a deal?

The fact that so many parents simply don't see the value in that says ALOT about parents today.

I'm glad my kids didn't ever have to feel like they weren't worthy of a few extra days pay that I still paid their provider when she closed.

It made their time with our provider that much more important and worth it because my provider was healthy (BOTH physically and mentally) because she didn't have the added stress of worrying about income due to vacation.
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