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Unregistered 11:15 AM 04-06-2010
I have a new little girl in my daycare, she has been coming for about 2 months, never been in chidcare, no sibs, few outside friends. She is a very young 3 year old. She is "best friends" with another little girl but they get into some serious fights. The older girl has been going home with scratches on her face, neck and arms from the new one. I have given time outs, spoken to her father, made her take a nap in another room, moved their carseats but, it seems to be getting worse. The dad is handling it the best way he can and I know she is getting in serious trouble at home for her bahavior at daycare but, the mom of the older girl wants to know what I am going to do about it. If I just don't let the girls play together I feel like this is just putting a "band-aid" on the situation. Any body have any help with how to get the little girl to quit attacking?