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nanglgrl 12:10 PM 08-31-2012
Originally Posted by Sugar Magnolia:
My degree is in Cultural Anthropology, the study if human culture. I agree with the quote. As it relates to child care, we providers "tell the story", and our families and kids become part of our "culture". As for me, the culture of my center is created by the roles and responsibilities we give each child. We emphasize respect and helping others in our "culture". Everyone has a "job". The oldest child here is the Flag Leader, he puts out and takes in the flag every day. I hard him telling his mom how the flag can't touch the ground, be out in the rain, and "I have to bring it inside at the end of the day, because it should be lit if its out at night." The concept of respect-learned. The youngest child is Shoe Captain. She hands everyone their shoes after nap. Concept of helping others-learned. Those are just some examples. As a multi age approach center, we build on each child's intetests and abilities. As far as parents go, we treat them with the respect we expect from them. As humans, we simply cannot function in life without each other. No child is perfect, no family is perfect, no provider is perfect, but if we function as a group, then everyones needs are met.
Hmmm....did that make any sense?
That was awesome Sugar Magnolia!