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TheMisplacedMidwestMom 04:49 PM 11-18-2016
Ok, maybe my brain is just mush today... but can some explain this to me (slowly, because apparently I need that right now )...
I'm not grasping what I need to have insurance wise. I have to have homeowners insurance policy for the mortgage company, so I've been talking to companies all day and getting quotes and information about the daycare "riders".
However, it looks like if I'm want the option of watching the amount of kids I would be licensed to care for, I need a "commercial policy". This is where I get lost, will this type policy cover the non-daycare things in my home the same as a homeowners (the rest of the home that is not daycare related, my personal property)? Will this satisfy the mortgage company? I think my mind is shutting down when I hear "commercial" or "business" policy and I'm still thinking "Yes, but this is my family's home too".

I asked one of the homeowners' insurance companies if I could have a policy with them and have the daycare insured separately and was told no. That once I reach their limit on the number of kids they will not cover my home at all.

Guidance please!