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TheMisplacedMidwestMom 05:30 PM 11-23-2016
Got a quote today on commercial insurance that covers home daycare as building and contents, so would cover everything even if not related to the business. Also has liability coverage for the daycare. Was told they do not care the number of kiddos as long as its legal. So if I stay at legal exempt numbers they just need to know how many, and if I increase they just need to know how many and have a copy of the license. They actually figure the yearly amount on by number of kids, with a minimum rate. But the amount per kid is so low that I would never be above the minimum rate, so I could increase to licensed capacity with no issue (just a phone call to update things). ...and this all with the same coverage ranges I was getting with general homeowners with an slight increase in price (including the liability). I will never understand insurance, but am happy to have an answer I like.