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nannyde 04:27 AM 12-21-2010
Originally Posted by QualiTcare:
even "the best" centers only require employees to have a GED and pass a background check. that leaves the door open for all types. before anyone gets their panties in a wad, i'm not saying everyone who has a GED isn't capable of caring for children, but the standards for daycare center employees ARE low and IMO invite these situations because people desperate for a job, ANY job will settle for daycare CENTERS.
Well at least your State requires a GED. My State requires the employee be 18 if they are to be alone with kids and have 2 hours of child abuse training within three months (online now) and 12 hours of training by the end of the first year. Criminal/child abuse check. Physical. That be it.

Considering the high turn over in Centers most employess don't make it to the end of the first year. When they switch jobs the clock starts over. They have another twelve months to get the twelve hours.

Now if you are a staff assistant for a HOME day care you must have a GED or high school diploma AND you can't be left alone with the kids.

One thing I know about child care is that the masses will go to the least educated cheapest person. Even in Georgia where they have made DRASTIC changes in educational requirements when you REALLY look at the numbers and what everyone has to have to work it still comes down to the bottom line that the one caring for the kids doesn't have to have jack. They allow "groups" where only one adult has to have a one year technical degree or some version of an ECE degree... BUT that person can be the lead teacher with a LARGE (AND I MEAN LARGE) group of kids.

So when it's all shook out it's basically the same... in Centers there will be low educated workers. When you get to the prek level THEN you see more education but you also see a WAY higher adult to child ratio.

If I moved to Georgia today I couldn't do home day care. I'm not qualified. 31 years of kids, RN, 17 years of child care in my home... not good enough. BUT.. I could take over a 300 kid Center the day I crossed State lines.

Aint that sumpin............