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nathanieljoy 09:35 AM 04-10-2019
Hi everyone! I just joined a couple minutes ago. I've been looking for a place like this where parents and child-care providers can talk amongst each other.
This website is so retro though LOL, I genuinely thought it was abandoned until I noticed all the people posting right now!

I only recently decided that I want to go into this field. Before, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I was so lost. It feels so amazing to know what I want to do, and to know that I'm doing something good and meaningful.
I want to become a therapist for children, specializing in play therapy and art therapy, once I get my master's. I was inspired by the wonderful play therapist who helped my little sister, who is autistic, cope with her autism without making her feel like she was defective or weird or dumb. It was truly kind and gentle therapy.
I feel I should go into this field because every member of my family has a physical or mental disability or illness, including myself, and so I can empathize with these kids better.

Until then, I'm going to volunteer, intern, and work at any childcare jobs I can get. Kids are so much easier to talk to than adults, and I can't wait to work with them.