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Default Help!!!..With DCG That Has A Hitting Problem

I have a very stubborn DCG that just turned 3y old. She has always had temper problem (parents aren't together, share custody, she's the princess).

Anyways, She can be a very loving helpful little girl and then really mean the next. I seem like I always have something this last year she has been here. Pushing,hitting, screaming tantrums. These are all in the past and we were having a few good weeks. Last week she started hitting when she didn't like what someone was saying or she didn't want them talking to her.

I've been doing time outs and then talking to her about using words (She had a great vocab)and not her hands for bad. I feel like I've tried everything, seperating her for awhile, shadowing me for awhile. What else can I do?? Love the parents and she is a great kid when she wants to be too. I'd like to get this resoved.

I've also praised her when I see her using words. But this morning she just wacked another kid by the eye with a toy figure because she didn't want them talking to her. (That's most of the time her excuse)
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