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as a parent with kids in music, karate, and other sports.

We pay regardless. Bad weather? No football? Pay the same.

Music store is on vacation for a week at christmas, we pay our regular payments for instruments (even though they are unavailable to service them if needed) AND lessons, even though my kids will be missing two each.

If I charged even $1 more per day it would add up to more money over the year than my paid time off.

and again, look around at different daycares. It's highly unlikely that was the ONLY one in your area. Call the local licensing office and ask for referrals. You should be able to get a copy of the contract you signed. If you don't like the policies, speak to them about it- look elsewhere- don't sign and complain.

I have two parents who I wrote a special contract up for.

Parent 1- We added up the days her school age child would attend on scheduled days off, 1/2 days, etc (I don't take her regularly, just days off of school or half days) and she pays me a set monthly amount that covers her time here. So instead of owing me over $300 the week of christmas-new years, her rate is spread out over the year. She has a balance due if she pulls before the school year ends, though.

parent 2- we added up the 10 holidays/year that I am closed, and she pays additional money per week. She's actually paying MORE than she would if she paid like everyone else, but she still feels like she gets a break. She doesn't need alternate care (I only close for major holidays, eg. christmas day). but she doesn't get PTO at her job, so I guess the small break that week helps her.
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