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You probably have a car payment. So I am going to assume that if for some reason you broke your leg and couldn't drive for 6 weeks, that you will be calling the lien holder and crying about how it's not fair you have to pay the monthly payment when you can't drive the car.......

Things happen. You still have to pay for your car.
Things happen. You still have to pay your daycare provider.
In your car scenario, the car is still available to the owner. This is the difference. Their spouse/friend/roommate or whatever could drive them around, they could sit in the driveway playing their car stereo if they chose, whatever. The lein holder is not going to come reposses the car for 6 weeks so the car can have a little vacay time while demanding that payment still be made. If this happened you'd all be here crying in the forums, while continuing to charge your customers for services not rendered.
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