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As a college educated (BA, Psych, emph. on Development), group family child care provider of 30 years, I charge a weekly set rate, whether your child is in attendance or not. I also have paid Holidays, (honored either the Friday before or Monday after if they fall on a weekend), 10 paid vacation days (equivalent to two weeks paid vacation), and 9 paid PTO days, accrued by industry standard formula based on hours worked. This equals 28 paid days off! I offer a coupon for one free week of care annually. An advance schedule of time off is provided for the year to allow for alternate caregiver arrangements, however, I reserve 4 PTO days for illness or emergency. Thank you to all of my families who over the years have supported my professionalism, and helped me sustain my longevity and commitment to my career. I especially want to thank former daycare children, who are now bringing their children to my in -home child care. And lastly, I thank my grown children, ages 30, 27, and 24 for their many sacrifices of home, personal space, and, too often, me; my husband, who listens, but never interferes, nor complains; my custodial grandchildren, ages 9, 5, and 4, who have learned to love caregiving, made valuable friends, and help out alot!
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