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Wen I first started out I got a couple of families from a provider who was retiring. She had gone all out for every holiday and gave the kids gift baskets for They fully expected me to continue that way. But, I was a tired mom to young kids at the time, and had other dck's whose parents did not have the wherewithal to do gift bags every holiday. I was on another Forum at the time where one provider said that her center celebrated seasons rather than individual holidays and no gifts were given. As I've gotten older and have more time, I see the value of experiences over things.
This week we have paper Easter grass and plastic eggs in the sensory table, I have some spring themed sticker books, stamps, construction paper, etc that the kids can make things with if they choose. We may dye hardboiled eggs that we will then have later for snack. No bunnies, chocolates, baskets, egg hunts, etc. That is stuff for HOME, IMO.
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