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We are doing an egg hunt. My SA'ers filled the plastic eggs with stickers for me. They will hide them too. I don't lift a finger.

That's it.

For small holidays, the only thing I do, is make it a theme day.
For St. Patrick's day, it was "GREEN" day. They wear green and I *might* put some green food coloring in our pancakes or something.
Half the parents forget to have their child participate anyway, so I don't make it a big deal.

We decorate together (Christmas, Valentines. 4th of July, Halloween, etc) with the yearly decorations I already have. We *may* make a treat if I feel up to it.

I'm just not into the big to-do that other people do. I look at some of the crafts that other providers do and think OMG, that's exhausting, no way!
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