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i feel your pain. although i work for my siblings now they would never do this, however when i worked outside my home at a center or at an inhome, when my lo was younger i had many people try and do the bait and switch on me. please dont get me wrong i am fine with reciprocating the invite. however i dont like being told when and for how long i should be doing the reciprocating. my lo was once invited for sleep over. the next day i came to collect him and was bombarded by the parents asking me to take their son so they could go on a 4 day cruise they were leaving the next day. while standing in their doorway! they expected me to be able to just collect him then with my lo and bring him to work with me. i explained that my lo was enrolled in the center i worked for and that i wasnt his direct care staff. and the center does not allow me to bring just anyone to work with me. they were very taken aback by my refusal. after that they never really spoke to me again. we did end up inviting the son with us to see monster trucks but not that week and i never invited him over for a sleep over. or a week of free care so they could go on their cruise.

i would seriously stick with your ratio reason and i would also stick to your guns about a no. if you do it once , its more than likely she will start thinking its the norm and before you know it, shell be there everytime schools called off.
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