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Originally Posted by craftymissbeth View Post
I'm in the process of ditching all of my plastic toys and purchasing only wood toys. First I'm focusing on infant toys... so I'm looking for tethers, rattles, etc.

Anyone have any good INEXPENSIVE online sources?

Also, I have to disinfect infant toys daily, so how do you go about doing so without damaging them? I'm not interested in using vinegar because I'm not convinced of it's disinfecting properties.
Since you mentioned this, I have been thinking lately about the number of providers I know both in real life and virtually and was wondering if or how many of you would be interested in purchasing those types of things via mail order?

My DH said he would LOVE to make a bunch of toys and smaller, shippable items to sell. I told him the forum would be a perfect place since so many providers gather here....

I don't mean to hi-jack your thread but thought I'd ask for your thoughts about it since you are looking....kwim?
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