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I think $20/week seems like a lot. If you have something to back it up knowing that you're still very competitive in your area, I would just use that as your backbone and let others know that you're rates will increase to such and such amount per week because the cost of living has increased, etc.

If you have not had families for a very long time, they might think you're going to have large increases often even though it might be your first one ever. I would recommend looking over your expenses and see where you can save money now to make up the difference because you still have five months before your increase is effective. You can also choose to increase $10/week to play it safe.

If you're looking for more families, I would start advertising now and give anyone new your next years rate. It's best to know in advance if a family can not afford it because then you can get someone lined up to start in January or whenever they choose to take their business elsewhere and it will get you on the road you want to be on.

Good luck!
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