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Talking Montessori : Training and Environement

Hello Ladies, I have been a nanny for the past year and have decided to start a in-home daycare in the fall. I am still unclear as to if I should be licensed through my state since there are so many options but I do know that I want to maintain my Montessori environment. So far, its been a HUGE success with the kids and the parents love it . I have been hired at every interview from Now Iím ready to make more money, I am thinking full time for at least a few years then back to part time. I have even thought of doing just Monday/Wednesday/ Friday hours for part-time families. So far, I think I might have some luck with that too (I donít want to get burnt out) . All this to say that I want to get trained in Infant-3yrs Primary class in Montessori philosophy one day. I think it would really bump up my rates and itís what I LOVE. I also want to incorporate Reggio as well into my environment. Do any of you have a Montessori daycare? Any photos to share your environment? I hope to have my entire downstairs finished basement as our classroom and keep things organized there. Thanks for your input!
"Education is not something which the teacher does, a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being" -Maria Montessori
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